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 Welcome to the OCBA!

The Orange County Beekeepers Association was formed in the 1970′s. We are the oldest and largest beekeeping organization in Orange County, CA. Our membership is currently comprised of mostly small-scale backyard beekeepers who are dedicated to keeping bees in the urban environment. However we welcome all members from large commercial scale beekeepers, experienced lifetime beekeepers, backyard beekeepers, to those that just want to become ‘bee-friendly’. We are always happy to get new people interested in beekeeping and help them get started with their own beehive.

We are a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers dedicated to the education of local beekeepers and our community in Orange County, CA. We hold monthly meetings, workshops and presentations for beekeepers and the public alike. Our goal is to promote urban beekeeping and awareness in beautiful southern California. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you have bees, want bees, or just want to support the cause.

Educating the public about these fantastic creatures is one of our main goals. We sponsor booths at local events and are always happy to give presentations to school children and even adult groups. The roots here in OC are agricultural, and we haven’t forgotten that.

A little about bees

Bees are some of the most fantastic creatures on earth. Not only do they provide us with honey, but also pollinate vast amounts of crops throughout the world. Did you know that about 1/3 of the food you eat depends on pollination, and bees are responsible for about 80% of that work load? Honeybees are the only pollinator that can be domestically kept on a large scale for this purpose. Millions of hives are transported across the country each year to different farms and orchards. Honeybees play a very important role in our ecosystem and economy.

The Grand Scale

The OCBA finds it important to connect with other organizations that exist to serve bees and agriculture. We are a proud affiliate club of the California State Beekeepers Association. On this website you will find links to other very valuable groups such as Project Apis m., Pollinator Partnership, and many more. Please check out our links page and visit some of our friends working towards similar goals.

Special event 


Saturday September 6, 2014

9:00 am – 4:30 pm 

Hive Management, Fall Beekeeping: Disease and Pest Management 

Seats Limited!

We have once again invited Randy Oliver to join us from Grass Valley and lecture on honeybee diseases and pests. Don’t miss your chance to see one of America’s leading voices in beekeeping! Randy will be presenting a full day workshop on ”Bee diseases, Varroa and Pest Management”.

Fee: $35 per person (prepaid only)
Lecture begins at 9:00 AM. 

Hands-on Sessions will alternate with lunch between 11:30-2:00 The afternoon will include further lecture and Q & A.

 Randy is a commercial beekeeper who runs 1200 hives, raises queens and nucs. He is also a biological scientist who does a phenomenal amount of field research. He uses scientific methods and backs up what he presents with real data.  He publishes each month in The American Bee Journal and is the author of Please check out his website.  He is an unending wealth of knowledge about beekeeping who can put difficult concepts into terms everyone can understand. 

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Upcoming  Meetings


Tuesday, September 2, 2014 6:30 pm

Have you ever wondered how honey gets from those little tiny wax cells into a bottle? If so come on down to our September 2nd meeting and we will tell you all about honey and then show you in person how honey is extracted. For those who have never extracted honey or for those who wish to hone their skills this is an opportune time to learn from experienced beekeepers just how the process is done. You can even help out. Jim Mieras one of the owners of Pierce-Mieras uncapping knives (the manufacturer of the knives) will demonstrate how to use an uncapping knife. Then we will use the clubs equipment (which members can borrow for free) to extract a number of frames, strain the honey and bottle it right before your eyes. You may even get to take a bottle home.

Also Bill Lewis the President of the California Beekeepers Association will be coming to tell us about the upcoming beekeeping convention in nearby Valencia this year in November. For those of you who have never been to a beekeeping convention this promises to be a wonderful event with some of the most preeminent beekeepers and scientist coming from all over the nation to give lecturers. If you wish to improve your beekeeping knowledge this convention is something you will not want to miss!

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Our meetings are the first Tuesday of each month, except during the Orange County Fair.

Please join us in the Silo Building
at the OC Fairgrounds.
Start Time: 6:30 PM

88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA. Click here for a map.



Official Mission Statement

The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are to develop an institution to teach and disseminate educational materials relating to the important role of Honeybees and other pollinating insects in maintaining a stable and healthy ecosystem through publications, demonstration, lectures, and otherwise.

Other specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are, but not limited to, to encourage better beekeeping methods among beekeepers, to promote cooperation among its members, to aid in a solution of the problems of the beekeeping industry, to maintain friendly and helpful relations with those forces which are working to better the welfare of the beekeeping interests, to develop markets for apiary products, to foster a spirit of cooperation with all other agricultural interests that come in close contact with the beekeeping industry, to foster an interest in beekeeping among youth, to sponsor promotions involving beekeeping, to sponsor educational scholarships for youth within Orange County, and to engage in such other activities as will tend to improve beekeeping conditions around the world.

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About The OC Beekeepers Assn.

The OCBA was formed in the 1970′s. Our membership is currently comprised of mostly small-scale beekeepers who are dedicated to keeping bees in the urban environment. The roots here in OC are agricultural, and we haven’t forgotten that.


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