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Orange County Beekeepers 

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All information found on this website and page is provided as a resource only. The OCBA does not endorse or vouch for the quality of any of the products or services listed here and cannot be held liable or responsible for transactions with the named companies or organizations.


Live Bee Removal Companies


        Dandant & Sons     

         Knorr Beeswax Products  

         Los Angeles Honey Co. 1(323) 264-2383  

        1559 Fishburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA

         Mann Lake  

         Orange County Beekeeping Supplies,   

  Pierco Genuine Beekeeping Supplies     

         Shastina Millwork 


      California Bee Company

      Dan the Bee Man (Bee Man Dan)

OCFair/Centennial Farms       

       Orange County Beekeeping Supplies 

       Pierco Genuine Beekeeping Supplies  

       Wildflower Meadows

Updated City Ordinances 

City Of Fullerton

City of Santa Ana Bee Ordinance


Pollinator App:  Check out this awesome new app that thePollinator Partnership made. It can tell you exactly what to plant to attract specific pollinators, in each region, season, color, type of plant and more!

Project Apis m. has become a cornerstone in funding and organizing research efforts for the beekeeping industry. They have infused over $1 million into research to date. Check out their website to see all they have to offer, or see their YouTube video to learn more about them.

California State Beekeepers Association connects beekeepers around the state and nation, funds vital research projects, and supports the economic and political viability of the beekeeping industry. They have a wonderful annual convention. We are a proud affiliate club of the CSBA.

The Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research. Signature initiatives include the NAPPC (North American Pollinator Protection Campaign), National Pollinator Week, and the Ecoregional Planting Guides.

NAPPC is the most important project managed by the Pollinator Partnership. It works in coordination with existing local, national, and international pollinator protection plans that focus on individual species, genera, families, or classes of animals.


The OCBA was formed in the 1970′s. Our membership is currently comprised of mostly small-scale beekeepers who are dedicated to keeping bees in the urban environment. The roots here in OC are agricultural, and we haven’t forgotten that.  Copyright 2018

Orange County, CA, USA

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